How it Works

To lease to 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC you will need to submit a completed application along with all required documents. The complete list of documents needed will be outlined on the application but will include a copy of your driver’s license, social security card, medical card, and a current copy of your MVR. Please be sure to follow the instructions and submit all documents listed on the application to expedite the process.

We lease owner-operators who have their own truck, at least 3 years OTR experience (no breaks for those three years) with a trailer, and wish to run independently, even though they are running under our authority. You find your own loads and negotiate your own rates. We can offer to dispatch for additional fees if you wish to discuss further. That means you have the flexibility to decide where you’re going, how much money you can earn, and how long you’re away from home. You are in complete control. If you have the initiative and skills to run your own business, we are the right company for you!

2nd Shot Logistics, LLC has been structured to provide second chances and opportunities for fellow members of our community. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service on and off the road, strong ethics, and most importantly honesty. If you see these values within yourself, come join our team!

This Is Our Overall Process…

Once you have agreed on a load, you will let your broker know that you are leased with 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC and they will send us the rate confirmation directly. They will email their rate confirmation sheet to our office, we will run a credit check on them and go over the rate sheet with you to be sure it includes all the information that you agreed upon, such as mileage, rate, weight, commodity, destination, and special instructions. After we confirm with you that the rate sheet is accurate, we will sign and email it back to your broker to let them know that you are ready to pull the load. If the rate sheet is not exactly as you and your broker discussed, it is strongly recommended that you contact the broker and request that they revise the sheet and re-submit it.

– If you have picked up your load and realize that you need financing for the delivery trip, you may email the bill of lading to our office as proof of pick up and we will advance up to 40% of the gross pay for the load onto your EFS card, which you will be assigned with your lease.

– Once you have completed your load, you upload the required trip paperwork via email. Any required trip paperwork we receive by 8 AM on Tuesday, you will be paid for on Friday. Payday is every Friday.

2nd Shot Logistics, LLC Is Responsible For…

Computing and filing your fuel taxes, maintaining your drug program, maintaining all your logs, and required DOT files. Our Load Attendants will take care of emailing paperwork for all the loads that you book. We also handle all the billing and collecting from your brokers and shippers. All this, in addition to paying you within 3 days and providing the authority, is what we do for our 15% fee.

Your Financial Responsibilities Are…

Associated with operating your equipment. For example, you must have your own base plates. You will also assume all responsibility for maintenance and repairs for your equipment. It is essential that you set finances aside for those unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.

Concerning Bobtail and Physical Damage Insurance…

You have the option to obtain this through 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC and it will be deducted from your settlements, or you may provide your own bobtail and physical damage insurance. Please fill out the form in the application packet if you are interested in 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC acquiring this coverage for you.

It Will Is Necessary for You to Reimburse 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC For… Initial lease expenses and other expenses for the operation of your equipment.

Below is a list of included expenses:

Initial Expenses (Startup cost = $350 & Escrow = $1,200)

  • ○  IFTA sticker, NY, NM and KY permits
  • ○  Pre-employment drug test
  • ○  OOIDA membership (unless you’re already a member)
  • ○  CMCI drug program (OOIDA drug consortium)
  • ○  2nd Shot Logistics, LLC decals, and DOT #s
  • ○  Inquiry reports (Criminal history, cred, and DAC)
  • ○  Escrow account
  • Quarterly
  • ○  Fuel taxes-cost varies


  • ○  IFTA sticker, NY, NM, and KY permits
  • ○  Drug program
  • ○  OOIDA membership

    The initial lease finances will be deducted from your settlements during the first 2 months with 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC. Here is an overview of how this is handled: during your first week leased with us, we will deduct $350. Then, we will deduct $150 per week to build your $1,200 escrow account and truck/trailer cost. If you wish to pay $1,550 in advance, that option is available, as well.


    Plan out your route before your trip begins; consider when and where you will stop for breaks and to purchase fuel. Also, calculate the estimated fuel cost, toll roads, pallet exchange, special permits, escort fees, and lumper fees. Many of these are negotiable! The ability to negotiate is essential to ensure you are profitable.

  • ●  A laptop and Internet service are not required, but you will find them to be extremely useful when searching for loads. If you are not familiar with load boards and how they work, it may be a good idea to check them out. Many load boards are free of charge, while others require membership fees, but none of them will prove to be handy if you aren’t constantly watching them!
  • ●  Finding your own freight is a large responsibility; please think this over seriously. We encourage our owner-operators to contact us with any questions or when they find themselves in areas of the trucking business where they may be unsure. We will assist you in any way possible to ensure your profitability.
  • There are a few commodities that we do not haul so please keep in mind:
  • NO…..
  • ●  Money (both coins and paper money)
  • ●  Anything with monetary value, i.e. lottery tickets, stamps, etc.
  • ●  Fine Art
  • ●  Household goods
  • ●  Livestock or poultry
  • ●  Any living thing
  • ●  Hazmat
  • ●  Liquor
  • ●  Tobacco Products
  • ●  Furs or fur-trimmed garments
  • ●  Eggs
  • ●  Precious stones and precious metals**
  • ●  Automobiles
  • ●  Also, it is IMPERATIVE that you do NOT disconnect from your trailer at any time while loading.

    Concerning Rate Sheets…

    If the travel distance or weight is listed, this is only an ESTIMATION. It is your responsibility to calculate the actual mileage for the trip; it is also your responsibility to allow yourself room for a variance regarding the weight. For example, if the load is estimated at 40,000 pounds, you should plan that it may be anywhere between 38,500-41,500 pounds.

Once you tell a broker you are going to take a load, you have given them your word. For 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC, your word is all that is required to bind you to that load. Once you’ve agreed to pull a load, have the broker send the confirmation to our office. Ask the broker/shipper to put your name/truck number on to this confirmation; this helps us to identify it quickly.

Concerning Payday…

Your paperwork MUST arrive at our office by 8 am each Tuesday for you to be paid Friday, 3 days later. If your paperwork arrives later than 8 am Tuesday, you will be paid for those loads on the following Friday, 10 days later.

  • ●  Be aware that we do not allow our owner-operators to receive advances from the brokers; If an advance is requested and/or received from a broker, 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC will charge you 15% for the advance received.
  • ●  Your paperwork is to be turned in weekly and your cargo and liability insurance will be charged weekly.
  • ●  Occupational Accident Insurance is now required on all Owner Operators. This is to protect you in case of an on-the-job accident or injury. This insurance is a weekly charge. This is also like your cargo and liability insurance. You may choose to purchase this through us, or you may purchase your own policy.

    Referral Bonuses…

    A referral bonus of $500 will be paid to any driver who refers an Owner-Operator or Company Driver to 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC that leases and completes 3 months.

    Reasons For Possible Termination of Lease Agreement

    2nd Shot Logistics, LLC takes customer service very seriously. For this reason, any disrespect, rude behavior, or foul language towards brokers, shippers, receivers, and our office staff could be grounds for immediate termination.

Dropping a load or refusing to pick up a load after it has been confirmed is not excusable. Under extreme circumstances, such as an accident or mechanical breakdown, contact your broker first, then 2nd Shot Logistics, LLC to notify us and arrange alternate plans for the load to be transported.

Falsifying your logs can result in immediate termination! To maintain accurate logs, you MUST report all stops lasting more than 8 minutes, including fuel stops. When comparing your logs to our reports, the log time must be within 30 minutes and the logged miles must be within 50 miles to be considered accurate.

**Please feel free to contact our recruiting department if you have any questions concerning the application process. Once we have received your application, we will begin processing it immediately.